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Jaw Crusher Plate

Jaw crusher plates we deal in work as the most significant parts of jaw crusher. These have a vital role in crushing materials. The main function of the jaw crusher plate is to protect the jaw crusher from wear as well as tear.


Cone Crusher Spares

Cone Crusher Spares we deal in are suited for the repair or maintenance purpose. These can be used with the heavy-duty machines and assist in the process of construction, mining, etc.

Cement Plant Spares

Cement plant spares we deal in are the various components suited for the construction as well as upkeep of cement plants. These spares are essential for the smooth as well as well-organized operation of the plant.


Blow Bar Crusher

Blow bar crushers we deal in are apt for the process of mining, recycling and quarrying. The said crushers are also apt for the production of manufactured sand and assist in the shaping of materials.

Swing Jaws

Swing jaws are the crushers, which make use of the swinging motion and break down a wide variety of materials such as rocks, ores and minerals. They are commonly used for the sectors of mining, building materials, chemical and metallurgy.

Crusher Spare Parts

Crusher spare parts allow for advanced operation. These are utilized for repairing as well as maintenance work. Supplied crushers have advanced functional capacity and allow for simple assembly and disassembly.

Industrial Mill Liners

Industrial mill liners supplied by us are used to protect the inside of grinding mills. These have been made from top-quality materials, and resist abrasion, wear and impact. The liners are utilized in the grinding mills for processing high-abrasion materials.

Mill Machine Parts

Mill machines parts assist the milling machines to shape as well as cut metal and other materials into specific sizes and shapes. Offered are the complex machines featured with advanced components.

Girth Gears

Girth gears are large ring gears that are used in many industrial applications, such as in the mining, cement, and sugar industries. They are typically made from high-strength steel and are designed to transmit torque from one rotating shaft to another.

Jaw Crusher Spares

Jaw crusher spares are offered by us are suited for replacing the constituents of a jaw crusher. These are the important parts of heavy-duty machines, which let the crushing machines to perform well in the mining as well as quarrying industries.

Crown Pinion

Crown pinions are used in the differential system of a vehicle. These let the wheels to turn at high speeds and cam maintain the power to both wheels. These make a significant impact on the vehicle's speed as well as torque.


Roller Casting

Roller casting supplied by us assist in the manufacturing process very well. These are also used to produce thin metal strips or sheets. Supplied machines allow for advanced operation and extended service life.

Chain Sprocket

We are dealing in Chain sprockets, which are offered in variety of sizes as well as design. The said sprockets work according to the desired speed as well as force of the mechanism.

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